All About free PSN Codes

If you have been playing video games for over 10 years, then you undoubtedly have witnesses the revolution of the games over that span of time. PlayStation boasts to be one of the gaming consoles to be in operation for quite a long period of time and since the development of PlayStation one, there has been quite a number of ways via which the company has been able to ensure that we keep on enjoying and getting the thrill of the games.

psn codes free

Whereas most of us may have heard about the PSN codes, only a few may actually comprehend how to use psn codes. Think of the PSN codes or rather the PlayStation Network Codes as a serial number; taking the game call of duty as an example, you may purchase a map package after which you will then be needed to key in the PSN code in an online store after which you can only be allowed to download the product.

What is a PSN code generator?

Let’s set aside the question on how to use free psn codes and delve into how they are actually generated. For you to get to acquire a PSN code, you need to have a PSN code generator. A PSN code generator is a program that is able to randomize numbers and letters in such a way that in the end, you’ll get to have a key that is going to allow you to get to enjoy some of the downloadable content from Sony’s PlayStation store.

What does it mean to have the PSN under maintenance?

Sony’s PlayStation Network is simply the online video game network that is only applicable to the users that have the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation vita videogame consoles; otherwise, you won’t get to enjoy the service. At times, PSN is normally inaccessible due to maintenance or due to load server problems.

If you happen to have problems in accessing the service, it is normally advised that you first check the PSN status at Sony’s support page that is the official source. This is however not the only option to getting first-hand information; you can also take a look at the twitter page @AskPlayStation where regular updates regarding PSN can be found.

There are also other unofficial sources such as downdetector that collect the users’ feedback regarding online services and from here, you can get to know whether other users are experiencing similar problems.

How do I get genuine PSN codes?

Though you may be able to know how to use psn codes, it is not always guaranteed that all the PSN codes in the internet are genuine. Most sources claiming to have legitimate PSN code generators normally take advantage of younger gamers that are not aware of how to get genuine codes such as paying to get PSN code generators that is a fraud.

You can purchase PSN cards that contain the PSN codes from retailer shops, video game stores or supermarkets. The codes on these can then be redeemed at the PlayStation store where you can get to download a desired content on your game console.

Review by our expert – Street Fighter 5

Review on Street Fighter 5sfv-logo

Street Fighter is the game that really wants you to have loads of fun. It is the game that has got too much of content on enjoyment, intelligence and also other factors that you can easily enjoy. It is the primary instinct for delivering that very fast and quick. It can allow you to play the game as quick and direct as possible. The street fighter is the game that has got things which are there for dumping down. The players who are of higher level or are hardcore into it may find so much of nuance, depth and malleability of longer term in it.

Complex Barriers

There are chances for you to find street fighter 5 as the game that has got barriers which are really complex. Most of the players feel this even before they actually do something in the game or start playing it. There is no attack system that is focuses which you can find in the previous version. Mechanic can get the card for getting out of the jail for free in the hairy situations so that the hits can be absorbed safely and counter attacks can be given. It is actually something that comes as secondary as the primary means through which the 4th version is set up is very powerful. There are showboating combos with it which can take away the fun associated with the game of higher end. It can ensure that the game is something which is dexterous or dedicated. There is some simple button with two press available which has got V skill. V system is something that can initiate very open and free form so that you can play the game so well.

Special Move or Attackfight

It is possible for making the character perform some unique attack or move by tapping both the medium attack buttons simultaneously. There is no need for you to make use of pad waggling or stick to be used in such an instance. This does mean that things are going to be unique. The things that you see are really simple but are much powerful to be used as game changers. Zangief is something that can easily absorb the damage in the similar way for the old focus. It can also do that when you are advancing or reversing the old problem in the glacial grappler. It can launch the air at the angles that are really odd to consider. Throwing off opponents can be used for the normal trajectories.


Street fighter 5 is the game that does look like one premium product. It can come with the cut scenes which are water colored and also introduced to the SF4. It can also infuse that with the art style that is one at the stylized way and may also be grounded. It can be something that may be really good and can be considered well by you. It is really hard for you to understand or even accept big gaping that is there with the feature set. There is no way for playing in CPU standard.